Women's Economic Empowerment

Solar Sister provides a comprehensive package of support, training and services. Kickstarting a business is hard and even harder in remote communities. We set our women entrepreneurs up for success!


Business in a Bag

Key tools to start a business in a branded bag!

Every entrepreneur receives a Business in a Bag start up kit to get them off and running. This includes key tools for accounting, running a business and marketing. The kit includes

  • Rugged Solar Sister branded shoulder bag
  • Solar Sister branded t-shirt and hijab
  • Receipt book
  • Accounting purse
  • Product brochures / site sellers with specs and images
  • Branded posters and  stickers




Solar Sister provides a year's training on key skills to kickstart and grow a clean energy business.

Entrepreneurs learn about clean energy solutions and how to build a sustainable business around the opportunities these new technologies afford. Solar Sister’s Business Development Associates spend their time with entrepreneurs in their communities leading a 12-month participatory training curriculum.

The training covers business skills like networking, marketing, and record-keeping. And also life skills such as leadership and goal-setting. Entrepreneurs also participate in hands-on training about clean energy and the variety of products that Solar Sister offers.



Starting a business is challenging, even more so in last-mile communities. Solar Sister staff continue to mentor entrepreneurs when they finish their training.

This on-going mentoring is key to supporting women entrepreneurs. Sometimes it is just an encouraging phone call, sometimes it is advice on how to handle product warranties. Our staff are often in touch with their entrepreneurs and committed to helping them succeed.

Our Business Development Associates also act as the distribution hub for their entrepreneurs, delivering a huge variety of clean energy products to entrepreneurs’ communities.