Solar Bikers - the women spreading clean energy further

February 27, 2019

Running a business is challenging. Now imagine you are running it in a rural community in Nigeria and your means of transport is either a costly, weekly bus or just your own two feet.

Solar Sister knows that reliable transport can make a huge difference to growing a business in rural Africa. This year, thanks to a unique partnership between Esso Exploration,  Shell and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, we were able to award motorbikes to our top Nigeria entrepreneurs – check them out below. We cannot wait to see where these enterprising women will go next with clean energy!

entrepreneur and motorbike
Tamwakat Hassan, Plateau State
I am very very excited, I feel so happy, more than ever before! I plan to use the motorbike for my business, to sell my product, and by the grace of God, I will  make it this year! — Tamwakat
entrepreneur with motorbike
Rekiya Abdullahi, Abuja
I’m very happy! I’m going to use this bike for marketing my business and going out to sell my products further away. — Rekiya
entrepreneur with motorbike
Lydia Assabaru, Plateau State
This makes me feel very excited. I don’t even know how to express it, I’m so happy. By the grace of God, I will use this motorbike to continue marketing and save many lives from darkness. — Lydia


Thanks to the amazing Abisola Adedoye for her essential support on this story.